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BOOMi Plush Toy Special Edition
A Soft + Huggable Friend!
Warm up your heart with this beautiful BOOMi plush toy! Designed by BOOMi’s award-winning creator, Trevor Lai, this soft doll features many hand-crafted details, from the blush on his cheeks to the adorable schoolbag which can be used separately to hold your jewelry or phone. Featuring the softest fur and fabric, BOOMi’s plush toy took more than one year to develop . Perfectly sized for hugging by anyone from 1 to 100 years old. This Special Edition will be available at a promotional price for a limited time only, so hurry and bring BOOMi home today!
BOOMi Vinyl Toy
A Super Bear With A Super Imagination!
BOOMi is the adorable star of international storybooks and upcoming animation. He believes he can be anything in the world, and inspires you to believe in yourself!
Creative Sketchbook
Your Great Ideas Start Here!
Draw, design and write your own creative masterpiece in this brand new sketchbook designed by Trevor Lai and featuring his popular character, BOOMi. The thoughtfully designed sketchbook gives you an easy way to tear out your amazing artwork with perforated edges on every page. Perfect for kids and artists of all ages!
Bibop Plush Doll
Simply Adorable!
Bibop is the world's cutest puppy and the best friend of BOOMi. Whenever BOOMi feels sad or lonely, Bibop is there to cheer him up, and he will be there for you too. Hug him lots every day!